Stef Mariani

Folk Songwriter & Producer


About Stef

Stef Mariani is an Award Winning Folk Music Producer. She was born and raised in Northern California into 3 generations of folk & jazz musicians.

Her mother Carolyn began writing music for social change and performing live at festivals in Northern California & the Pacific Northwest since 1971. She caries her mothers legacy of songwriting, producing and education.

Stef currently resides in the Hawaiian Islands and is dedicated to sharing her stories through traditional folk music & storytelling.

She is the founder of The Stay Gold Movement and is a Na Hoku Honohono Award & BIMA Award Winning Songwriter & Producer.

Use My Imagination (2022) suggests that you can change your current reality by going inside

Stay Gold (2017) encourages you to stay true

to who you are

Stef had the incredible honor or receiving the highest music award in the State Of Hawaii in 2018 & to perform alongside Pat Simmmons Jr.

Stef likes to support her community with her non profit Stay Gold Hawaii®

Stef likes to hang out with her friends down at KITV Island News on ABC in Honolulu

Colour My Soul is a song about the moment your spirit lights up after a long period of darkness

thank you for listening!

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